Another health/fitness fib bites the dust

February 10, 2006

Fat is bad. Fat makes you fat. Fat clogs your arteries. Fat kills your heart.


Actually, science has been telling us this for a decade or more. Experts like Drs. Michael and MaryDan Eades have been educating us on this fact for just as long.

But the happy folks at the RDA/AHA/AMA/ACSM etc. have managed to brainwash us using our very own tax dollars to fund the scheme.

We should all be mad.

In fact, fat is REALLY healthy for you (the good fat like saturated fat) and contributes to longevity and healthy hormonal tone.

I can hear our caveman ancestors splitting their sides in their graves.

I mean, can you imagine Oog and Og carefully stripping away the skin from a freshly killed chicken and tossing it aside or using their prehistoric Henkel knife set to slice away the Bison fat from the meat and leaving it to rot?


No way Ray. They’d practically inhale the stuff.

A few years ago (give or take a century), it was discovered that the Earth revolved around the sun. A few months ago we learned that fiber in the diet does squat to protect us from rectal/intestinal cancers. Now we learn that fat is not Nosferatu.

What’s next?

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