It’s not your Metabolism, it’s Fatabolism

December 12, 2006

Everyone who is over fat and wanting to lose weight complains about their sluggish metabolism.

Even Tony Robbins, the 10 foot tall life motivator guru gets it wrong. He says people who don’t move, don’t have a metabolism.

Well of course they do Tony.

It’s not a fast or slow metabolism that causes leanness or over-fatness. It’s Fatabolism.

Fatabolsim is how your body processes fat as fuel. You either do it poorly or very efficiently.

By eating a diet rich in sugar, you are telling your body that you want to store lots of body fat and to use sugar as its primary source of fuel.

Sugar is: Oatmeal, candy, orange juice, soda, whole wheat bread, cotton candy, pasta…all grains, fruits and veggies.

In short, CARBS.Greece2006_255_1

If you subsist mainly on these foods you are a sugar burner and a fat storer.

If you eat like this and are lean, you eat too little food and are losing lean tissue.

But I can almost guarantee that if we did a body fat percentage test, people in this category are always over fat.

If you eat like this and are over fat, you eat too much food and are losing lean tissue.

You must tell your body a different story.

You must insist that your body understands that you do not want to store any more fat and that the fat you do have should be used as your primary fuel source.

You want to supercharge your fatabolism.

I’ll tell you how very soon…

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