Paleolithic Diet Beats Mediterranean Diet For Satiety

December 2, 2010

caveman diet

A recent study indicates that a paleolithic diets trumps a Mediterranean diet for improvements in satiety. What this means, in essence, is that the total nutrient availability to the cells and resultant hormonal response is superior eating like a caveman as opposed to eating like a modern man – or woman.

The big difference was the total carbohydrate intake – ~129 grams for the paleo diet and ~211 for the Medeterranean. Protein intake was only four grams lower (half an egg) in the Mediterranean diet. So even though several experts claim that it is adequate protein intake that increases satiety, we see from this study that since the protein intake of the two groups was not statistically different, the lower carbohydrate intake and not necessarily eating adequate protein was the reason for the greater satiety in this study.

So keep your carb intake low and your protein intake adequate my friends and enjoy the feeling of health and satiety. Not only will you feel full on less food, you’ll save money too!

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