Remember Reminders

April 10, 2008

One BIG problem with reaching your fat loss goals is remembering that you have one.

I find it a very common happenstance for people to totally forget, after about 11 hours, that they made a goal to become lean and mean.

Reminders are wonderful things – and necessary things to use. Post-its can be your best friend by sticking them on your bathroom window, fridge door, vanity mirror, front door, above the toilet paper dispenser, with phrases like:

"I am in the process of becoming lean and healthy." (Don’t say things like "I am lean and healthy!" if you are not yet. It will deflate your ability to achieve your goals.)

" I have a powerful goal to live longer stronger!" (Make sure your goal is crystal clear.)

"I can and will achieve my goal of _______."

"It’s hard but rewarding and I am doing it!"

Be creative. Write things that speak you your inner self. Be bold but most of all be honest.

Avoid ridiculous lofty goals like "I will lose 30 pounds in 2 weeks for my wedding." 5-10 pounds in this time frame is more like it.

Above all, help your brain to remember your goals by setting these reminders all over the place. Memory fades with time and unlike the memory of your first kiss, your fat loss goals won’t last long.

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