You’re Seven Feet Tall Because You Eat Too Much

March 7, 2013

Or, do you just eat a lot when you’re seven feet tall? Think this is a dumb point to make?

When this young man walks into a room, does anyone think “Wow – that is one tall kid! He must be eating too much!”

No. Of course not. We know that he has a hormonal disorder. And yes, he eats more food than a five foot tall kid of the same age. But he didn’t grow to be seven feet tall because he stuffed his face with excess calories.

But when an obese kid (or adult) walks into a room, does anyone think “Wow – that is one obese person! He must be eating too much!”

Yes. Everyone does.

And while in most cases the obese person is eating more than a lean person, just like the super tall person eats more than the normal sized person, the cause of the excess intake is the same – a hormonal disorder.

Fat gain is the cause of obesity – not caloric consumption.

Obesity is a hormonal issue – not a numbers issue. Repeat after Gary Taubes – It’s biology, not physics.

Food for thought.

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