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Life is a Spiral

I’ve often been fascinated with the spiral. One day after a teacher at Long Island University said to me "The spiral of Life" images kept coming to me that made me realize how right he was.

Life, meaning DNA – a spiral.


Life, the mothers umbilical cord


Our galaxy


  A Hurricane


A Tornado


Our iris opens and closes in a spiral


Our oceans are full of them


It’s how water goes down the drain


And waves




and atoms


The list of spirals goes on and on and on…

Calling All Women!

You must read Take it To Heart by my client Pamela Serure.


It’s her new book. It is beautiful and wonderful. Just like Pam.

I read most of it on the train back from her book party last night and enjoyed its honesty and integrity. It beats powerfully and if you’re a woman, it’ll make your heart a lot stronger. 

It could even save your life.


You Are What You Eat So Eat What You Are

And you are mostly water followed by protein, fat, skin and organ tissue.

We can’t eat bones. Luckily we get all the calcium we need from eggs and veggies.

As for sugar, we’ve only got about a couple of table spoons floating around inside of us, tops. So we don’t need much.

In fact, we don’t need grains at all.

Make your meals mainly different proteins and organ meats with a lot of good fats. Eat veggies and fruit for your sugar.

Drink lots of water.

Remember, you are what you eat and if you don’t eat what you are you’re doomed to become something (or someone) else.

Read Nina Planck’s book.

You Need the Yellow

Eggs are a near perfect food. Eggs They are a complete nutritional powerhouse.

But without the yolk an egg is not half perfect, its almost useless.

Here’s why: The fats in the egg yolk aid in the digestion of the proteins in the whites as well as aiding in the metabolism of its cholesterol.

This makes egg white omelets a crummy food choice. Sorry Seth!

We really must stop worrying about fat and the cholesterol in real foods. Do you really think the ingredients in real foods could possibly be bad for us? Does it make any sense at all that natural food sources are the cause of our health problems hence our early demise?

"Don’t eat eggs – eat Egg Beaters! No cholesterol! No fat!"

Yeah. That sounds better. That sounds right.

How many of us have bought this concept hook, line and sinker?

There is also substantial evidence that too little fat especially saturated fat and cholesterol in the diet causes many deficiencies and can lead to anxiety, depression and a host of other symptoms – especially in children.

So put the yellow back in your whites and enjoy!

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