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How To Solve The American Health Care System

How you ask?

I’ll tell you how – we need to stop making people need it.

And how do we do this?

Simple. Each individual must:

1. Eat only fatty animal matter (including organs) with a salad and seasonal fruit 2 or 3X a day.

2. Lift weights slowly to fatigue, 2X a week, with 2-3 days rest in between.

3. Be happy. Happiness IS a choice.

If everyone made these three choices, it would virtually wipe out obesity, type 2 diabetes and probably many cancers. It would heal digestive disorders and a host of autoimmune diseases.

It would make seniors much stronger, lessening dimentia, falls and greatly improve the quality of their lives.

For mothers and mothers to be, it would improve fertility, the quality of breast milk and decrease infant mortality.

For children it would improve focus and concentration, lessen A.D.D, wipe out obesity and adolescent T2 diabetes.

And for men, it just might make your hair grow back 😉

Choosing to engage in these three behaviors would save our nation a cool few trillion and we’d all be a lot more productive and I dare say, peaceful.

And it would take less than a year to see the benefits.

My bill is in the mail. Make the check out to Fredrick Hahn. Thanks.

Sugar, not Fat, is the Big Fat Slob

I said it before and I’ll say it again: obesity is not caused by eating too much food per se. It’s caused by the type of food you eat and how the food you’re eating affects your hormones.

Do you really think 2000 calories of Twinkies affects your body in exactly the same way as 2000 calories of salmon? Neither do I.

And here’s some food for thought – the very thing mainstream wisdom tells obese people to do to lose weight is the very thing that makes them hungry, namely, eat less and exercise a lot.

Watch this clip. Think about what YOU are eating when you’re done.


Now, there are parts of it that are not technically correct (FE: Dr. Lustig states that it takes twice the energy to burn/digest protein than carbohydrate. I’m not sure that this is technically correct. There are also parts where the two main experts (Taubes and Dr. “fructose is the devil” Lustig) contradict one another.

At one point Gary Taubes states that exercise has not been shown to be an effective agent against obesity (he’s correct, but this MAY be due to people’s high carb intake dissallowing fat useage when exercising. More on this in a subsequent blog post). Not too long after Gary makes the statement, Dr. Lustig says that when his patients adopt a low carb diet, they become much more energetic and feel like exercising and says that this is, in part, what helps them lose weight. Oops.

All that said, grab some popcorn – no wait too many carbs. I know – a fistfull of pork rinds – and let the games begin!

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