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If I were A Fit Man, yidle, deedle, deedle, dum…

It seems that the fitter you get the richer  you’ll become. Nifty. (Glad I own a gym!)

So for those of you who wince at the price of personal training, relax your furrowed brow and get thee to Serious Strength (or your local YMCA).

It might sprain the pocket book to strain at the weights at first, but the long term payoff is apparently well worth it!

Stronger muscles and an enduring bank account. I like it.

Maybe I should change the name of the gym to Monetary Muscles?

Nutritional/diet myths that need to DIE

As promised. Drum roll please:

  • Eating fat makes you fat
  • Saturated fat is bad for you
  • Eating egg yolks raises your cholesterol level
  • Your cholesterol level matters
  • High cholesterol means you are at risk for heart disease
  • Butter is unhealthy
  • Margarine is better than butter
  • Fatty cuts of meat are unhealthy
  • Grains are necessary
  • Grains are healthy
  • Protein is ‘dirty’
  • Protein causes kidney stones
  • Low fat diets help you lose fat
  • All soy is healthy
  • Soy will reduce the risk of getting breast cancer
  • Vegetarians live longer than meat eaters who eat healthfully
  • Vegetarians are healthier than meat eaters who eat healthfully
  • Fruits, Vegetables and beans offer complete nutrition
  • Peanuts are nuts (they should be called peabeans).
  • Veggie burgers are better than hamburgers
  • Children need to drink milk
  • Skim milk is better than whole milk
  • Milk is healthy
  • Bottled water is healthier than tap water
  • Tap water is unhealthy (There are exceptions)
  • Eating fat clogs arteries
  • Eating a low fat diet reduces arterial plaque
  • Cereal in the morning with skim milk and orange juice is a healthy breakfast
  • The USDA Food Pyramid is based on scientific fact
  • Infants should eat rice and grains as their first foods
  • High fiber in the diet decreases risk of colon cancer
  • You need fiber

Sadly for the health of our citizens, there are more. So many more.

If you want to live long and prosper, eat as if you were alive 2 million years ago.

You’d have plenty of fatty meat to eat (can you imagine how good a duck roasted over an open camp fire must have tasted way back then?), lots of bird eggs, fish and fruits and veggies when in season. Grain would have no place in your diet.

Last I checked there were still no pasta trees, cereal bushes or soda streams.

Not that ALL food and drink that has come down the post prehistoric pike is bad mind you – but most of it is.

Hey – I’m still having my Coffee

in the mornin’!

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