Always be Positive

February 20, 2008

One of the things that will help your training is to think positive thoughts all the time.

The words we pick to say or think matter.

EX: Just the other day while training a veteran client as she was reaching a deep level of muscle fatigue I said: "Don’t quit, don’t quit!"

And lo and behold…she quit.

I said "How come you just stopped? You were about to finish that last rep and call upon those last few straggling fast twitch fibers!"

She replied: "You said to quit."

She’s right – I did.

Instead I should have said: "Keep at it, keep at it!" or "Squeeze those shoulders stronger." or something akin to this.

If you have a training partner or if you train yourself, always use a positive, active prose so that your semi-subconscious gets the correct message.

Say "Breathe" not "Don’t hold your breath."

Say "Shoulders down" not "Don’t shrug your shoulders"

You get the picture. Very The Secret-ish and very effective!

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