Bill Clinton and his Vegan Voyage

October 17, 2010


The cartoon to the left is a good example of vegan propaganda. Here they suggest that eating meat makes you obese and being a vegan makes you slim and strong. I guess this could be true given all the obese, lions, tigers, Cheetahs, panthers, etc. that exist in the world.

Though ludicrous, these little propaganda-bits do help to solidify false notions in many people’s minds.

A client emailed me this morning and said:

Gotta check this out Fred. How can he be so misinformed?”

She is referring to the former President adopting a vegan-ish diet. According to the interview he is doing it to heal his heart.

How can he be so misinformed? Well, like Mark Twain said “The truth is easy to kill. But a lie well told is immortal.” Most people, even highly intelligent people like Bill Clinton, are easliy persuaded by the zeitgeists of the times. They take at face value what appears to be true and sadly, cannot tell the difference between association and cause and effect.

Example: If you quit smoking and start drinking green tea at the same time and lo and behold your lungs heal, you can’t say “Wow! Green tea has great healing properties!” But this is exactly the sort of mental mix up many people fall prey to when they go vegan.

Like Clinton, they quit inhaling cheese-doodles, ring dings, drinking Pepsi, eating cheeseburgers made from processed meat and fake cheese served on buns that are loaded with high fructose corn syrup etc., switch to a vegan diet and their health improves. Then they say “Wow! A vegan diet has great healing properties!”

Sheesh. Poor President Clinton. Even a Rhodes scholar screws up. (Did I just say that?) If he sticks to a vegan lifestyle with an already compromised heart, I’m afraid he’s not long for this world.

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