Commenting on a comment from Joe

January 31, 2006

Joe commented on my last blog titled I’ll scrub your floors and wash your linens. His comment was one I always get no matter how hard I try to be clear. "Don’t you need aerobics for heart health and to lose fat so you don’t have to eat less food?"

It seems the fitness industry has done a better job than I thought of brainwashing folks into believing that heart pumping cardio is necessary on a regular basis lest our ticker will weaken and we’ll become as fat as a cow.

The fitness industry also manages, quite deftly, to side-step and ignore new scientific discoveries. They do so because they don’t want their precious position stands and Romper Room-esque  devices ruined and outmoded by ugly, little, annoying, facts.

I must rush off to work right now. Full load of clients. I promise I will return later this afternoon to finish this blog. I’ll post some really interesting stuff.

Suffice it to say for now, there is not a single health benefit that aerobic exercise enhances that strength training cannot bestow as well. Not my opinion dear reader – FACT.

And don’t forget – Dr. Cooper head of the Cooper Institute for Aerobics (now just the Cooper Institute) has said "People over 50 should spend less time on aerobics and more time on strength training." I’ll get into this later on. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: My day was awash with woes and frought with incident. I know I promised but the rest of this post will have to wait till tomorrow. My apologies for those who came back for more. Until tomorrow!

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