Eat Before You Train

March 5, 2009

A growing body of evidence suggests that eating a quality protein rich meal or drinking a protein shake before and after your workout will significantly improve your results.

According to Dr. Jeff Volek, author of the TNT diet:

respect to the pre and post-workout nutrition, I think the research is clear
that protein is most important for stimulating a positive protein balance.
Additional carbs is not necessary and may only offer a small benefit to protein
anabolism which in my opinion is not worth the trade off with the potent effects
of the carb-induced insulin spike on inhibiting fat breakdown and fat oxidation.
I’d recommend trying to get a pre-exercise elevation in plasma amino acids by
ingesting some fast absorbing aminos or a hydrolyzed whey protein. Post-workout
may not be such a concern on the absorption profile, as most proteins will work
fine to stimulate protein synthesis."

Personally, I have gained some added muscle mass sticking to this plan over several months. So don't waste your efforts when hitting the weights. Get some protein in your gut mixed with some fat for better absorption.

Here's what I do before and after my workout (I have little fat to lose. Those who wish to maximize fat loss omit the carbs):

24 oz. of water
2 tablespoons fish oil or two tablets or Krill oil (careful taking this if you are on blood thinners)
1 table spoon liquid aminos
1 scoop of Ultra InflamX (15 grams carbs and protein)
30 grams protein powder

Try this for at least one month and report your results here. I'd love to know how it's working for you.

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