Grain Pain

June 29, 2006

After reading Dr. Loren Cordian’s article Cereal Grains: Humanity’s Double Edged Sword as well as many other articles and books on the subject of foreign proteins in the blood stream and autoimmune disorders, I began asking many of my clients who complained of weirdo aches and pains about their diets.

But before I go on, I urge everyone to read Dr. Cordian’s paper – at least the conclusion. And after reading it remember this little tidbit of Twainian wisdom:

"The truth is easy to kill. But a lie well told is immortal."

The current worldview on grain is grains are extremely healthy for you and should make up at least ~60% of your diet. Fat and protein are necessary but bad and should make up the smallest part of your diet except for candy and sweets. This is a lie that has been very well told.

In asking clients about their diet compositions, what I have found so far has been quite interesting.

For myself, the removal of all grains has greatly (and I mean greatly) reduced my arthritic knee and finger pain. When I’m weak and indulge in some, the pain always returns to a greater or lesser degree.

And I mean always.

So I’ve been asking clients who complain of joint and muscle pains (that seemingly come from nowhere) if a large portion of their diet is composed of cereal grains. All but one persons diet was almost completely grain based. In fact, a few clients had seen their doctors and had every test done known to mankind and came up healthy as a horse, meaning they did not have Lymes disease or some other non-autoimmune disorder.

They all have told me that since starting the strength training the pains have been lessened, but still there. Research does show that resistance training eases arthritis pain. So I think it’s fair to say it is not the training that is causing the pain. And all had pain long before they started exercising with us.

It’s the grain based diets that are wreaking havoc with their physiology. I know this isn’t a very scientific conclusion, but it sure is ‘food for thought.’

I also believe that grain based diets in infants are the cause of autism, PDD and learning disorders in children. In fact, I believe that a study should be done on the breast milk composition of mothers who eat mostly grain and those who eat none to see the differences in the protein content and quality.

Considering the fact that the breast milk of vegetarian women is almost always deficient in B12 (if you go to PubMed and type in vegetarian breast milk you’ll get scores of papers confirming my statement), it stands to reason that what you eat or don’t eat will affect breast milk composition. This is why we want to eat cows that are grass fed and not grain fed. The composition of grain fed meat is altered forcing us to ingest grain proteins which, if you read Dr. Cordian’s paper, you will learn are nasty little buggers. They can literally alter human physiology.

And not for the better.

Q: What is the reason for feeding infants grain? (Rice at first and then onto other grains.) Why? Where is the scientific evidence that this is the best food to feed an infant? Where is the scientific evidence which indicates that liquid fat/meat is unhealthy? What is the reason for this food choice? I know infants don’t have teeth and can’t chew meat and fat (anything for that matter) but personally I think it’s insane to feed a child grain at such an early stage of development or at any age, at anytime, anywhere.

There’s a Nobel prize here somewhere.

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