Happy New Strength!

January 2, 2014

Well, we’re off! 2014 is here and so are you!

It’s time, don’t you think, to create that body you’ve always wanted? I’m here to help.

I’m not talking about getting thin or skinny or getting a 6 pack. In my opinion, these are just cosmetic considerations that have nothing to do with your main desire which is to improve your health. This requires you to create and adopt a process.

We don’t work to make money. Businesses are not in business to earn profits. What we desire is to work at something that provides contentment and happiness. If you spend your time moving in the direction of your own personal joy, money will come. It just will.

If you eat and exercise in a manner that improves your health and doesn’t harm, your body will gradually transform for the better. This requires you to make and create changes to your current eating and exercise processes. As you begin, consider these two points:


When it comes to making improvements to your health, do not engage in exercises practices that will probably injure you. You want to build yourself up, not beat yourself up. Strength training is the single most productive form of exercise you can engage in.

No other form of exercise provides so many benefits in one felled swoop. You get everything you’ll need – strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility, balance, blood markers, etc. How much do you need? Two weekly sessions that last literally 15 minutes each. What’s that you said the other day about not having enough time to exercise?

When it comes to diet, eat in a manner that offers the most nutrition per bite of food, namely an ancestral diet. Meat, fish, seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Today’s action: Get in your kitchen and toss out everything you know you shouldn’t eat. Donate it all to a church or if it’s really crappy “food” (cheese doodles, etc.) just toss it out. It’s wrong to harm the indigent.

And I know what you’re thinking. What specifically should you eat? Well, My FREE gift to you for the New Year is a menu of what you can and should eat. If it’s on my list, you can eat it. If not, don’t. Email me at [email protected] and I’ll send it to you. (I will NEVER misuse your email address.)

CAVEAT: If you have allergies, health problems that require medical intervention or if you are on medications, you may not be able to eat what is on the list. That is something to discuss with your doctor – hopefully a doctor that is up on his nutritional reading like Dr. Andreas Eendfeldt or Dr. Michael Eades or a doctor from this list.

Like I said, I’m here to help. Email me. Come train with me. But whatever you choose to do, DO.

Go get ’em!!

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