Neanderthals Ate Veggies

December 30, 2010

neanderthal man 2

I read an article from the UK News yesterday which said that researchers had discovered through examining the fossil remains of Neanderthal teeth that Neanderthal man ate a wide range of plant matter.

But they also said something weird. They said:

Until now it was widely assumed that this subspecies of modern humans, who lived in Europe and Asia 230,000 years ago, ate almost nothing but meat.This was thought to have contributed to their downfall because they did not exploit other food sources.

Eating meat led to their downfall? According to many anthropological experts, eating meat is what increased the size of our brains and allowed us to survive in virtually any environment.

The bias against meat and pro veggies in this article is so thick you could spread it on your morning toast (sprouted and gluten free preferably.)

Microscopic particles trapped in the teeth contained residues of wild grass, beans, roots, tubers and palm dates. Many had undergone physical changes that matched experimentally cooked starch grains.

Cooked starches? Grains and beans? My, my. No wonder they went extinct.

And look at us modern humans. The more plant matter we eat (carbs) and the less fat and meat we eat, the fatter and sicker we are becoming.

If we are not careful, we may suffer the fate of the Neanderthal.

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