Paleo Elimination Diet Day One

February 28, 2011


In my last post on going totally paleo to see if my osteoarthritis (as well as my wife’s issues) could be resolved, I neglected to mention that we are both starting today. We are coming of mid-winter school break and chose to start after the kiddie festivities ended.

So far today I’ve had:

Black coffee
Can of mackerel in olive oil (~24 gms protein)

2 grilled chicken breasts with the skin with olive oil (~60 gms protein)
Really small salad of lettuce and cabbage
Half a yam with olive oil
Can of seltzer

Dinner (will most likely be):
2 small grass fed rib eye steaks (~80 gms protein)
Several ounces of beef or chicken livers (if Linda feels up to cooking it) garlic, onions, olive oil (~20-30 gms protein)
Salad of leafy things, apple cider vinegar and olive oil dressing (grain vinegars contain gluten)

Clementine orange or a piece of some really dark chocolate

Plenty of fats, plenty of protein, all good carbs and ZERO gluten or harmful lectins.

No wine or spirits like tequilla for now. Even though these drinks are gluten free, alcohol itself, sadly enough, is a gut irritant. Bo-hoo.

The one question I have that has not been answered yet by any of the experts I have consulted is, if after a month or so of sticking to this way of eating to the letter, when I do reintroduce a food like eggs, how will I know the food is an irritant if my gut is healed? Do I keep eating it until I re-damage my gut to know that it is a food I should avoid?

I also read that, instead of avoiding these foods for a long time, you should instead avoid them for only 7-10 days then reintroduce and see if you have adverse reactions. I suppose this is enough time to “calm down” your body yet not fully heal the gut so that when you reintroduce a food or drink, you’ll know that the substance is a no-no.

All thoughts are welcomed!

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