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February 28, 2011


In a day or so I’ll be adding a funky little Feed Burner subscriber meter up on my blog so I can see how the readership of my blog is doing.

At present the meter reads zero because I never set up the blog properly to gather the information. I think it is an important little gizmo to have on a blog. According to his meter, my good friend and co-author Dr. Michael Eades has nearly 10,000 subscribers.

If you like my blog, I would greatly appreciate if you’d subscribe to it. There’s a button on the top right that says, aptly enough, subscribe.

Not only will it help me to know if my readership is growing (meaning that I am saying things that are worth saying), it will also help you to get my blog in your chosen inbox so that you don’t miss anything in the future. I do this with several blogs I like and it makes for great morning reading over BLACK coffee.

Thank you so much for considering it.

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