Tim Ferris, Gary Taubes, Keith Ferrazzi, Dr. Ben Bocchicchio, The Metabolsim Society and I

May 7, 2009

I am combining a few small blog posts into one today in order to catch you all up on my recent travels, trials and tribulations. I've been bouncing around the nation listening to lectures by some brilliant minds, having dinner with great people and once again being slammed in the face with how much I don't know. It can be humbling.

(As an aside, I posted my feelings about this on my Facebook site and many friends were quick to snap me out of it. It's nice to know you've got pals who've got your back.)

Tim Ferris, the author of the blockbuster, runaway bestseller The 4-Hour Work Week popped into my gym the other day and we had an impromptu dinner. He's a man of many talents and skills and will be helping me to lean how to use the web to generate better awareness for the Nutrition and Metabolism Society
and for my new book Strong Kids Healthy Kids. He's definitely a friend who's got your back. 

Speaking of which, my friend Keith Ferrazzi has just written a new book called Who's Got Your Back. Keith will be doing a special series on Good Morning America where he helps 5 people overcome their weaknesses in improving the quality of their lives helping them to move forward from where they are now both personally and professionally which Keith so rightly points out go hand in hand. I highly recommend it.

Gary Taubes, author of the NY Times bestseller Good Calories Bad Calories gave a fantastic lecture in Phoenix Arizona this past weekend at Dr. Ben Bocchicchio's gym. Dr. Ben as many of you know was the originator of slow, controlled training back in the early 1970's which he now calls the SMaRT system.

(Below left to right: Fred Hahn, Dr. Ben Bocchicchio, Gary Taubes)


More to come!


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