What Do I Eat?

April 25, 2010

I thought you all might like to see what a typical eating day in the life of Fred might be like. Do I really walk the paleo walk? Well, here’s a typical day:

4 poached eggs, a dash of hot sauce, 3 butter patties, salt
Bacon (4 strips)
Coffee with heavy cream

One or two tins of sardines or mackerel (I strayed from this for a while but am getting back into this habit. These fish are a wonderful source of quality protein and omega 3s. Here are the ones I eat. Very yummy!)

Assorted sashimi
Seaweed salad or other green salad

Whey protein shake with water, 2 raw whole eggs, coconut butter, fish oil or
Tin of sardines, mackerel

4 grass fed lamb chops (or other organic grass fed meats or wild fish)
Green salad
Red wine

Nothing – ever. Well, maybe a touch of something like flan. But it is RARE.

Nope, no bread, pasta, rice, or any grain product whatsoever. I rarely eat fruit – I generally only eat the wild berries and other fruits we planted in our backyard when in season. In the winter I eat no fruit at all.

So do I qualify as a caveman or what?

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